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Medicos 06

The NRS Medical College Fest .

139th Foundation on 1st Dec 2011

NRS Medical College enters into 140th year after its 139th Foundation on 1st Dec 2011 and a annual report book will also be released to commemorate the occasion .

Chief Ministers Message

I am Glad to know that 139th Foundation Day of NRS Medical College will be celebrated on 1st Dec , 2011..........

History of NRS Medical College

In 1887 Sealdah Market Building (at present Central Hall) was converted to Sealdah Municipal Hospital. On 1st Dec. 1873 the Sealdah Medical School was born out of the Sealdah Municipal Hospital. In 1884 it was named as Campbell Medical School and later on in June 1948 upgraded as Campbell Medical College. On 10th Aug. 1950 the College was renamed as Nilratan Sircar Medical College after the name of the great freedom fighter and alumni of this institution.